Ankle draft risk – lab test

PAID VOLUNTEERING at UC Berkeley- $15 per hour 

JOIN: Signup HERE to participate (Finished)


WHERE: Wurster Hall, U.C. Berkeley (Get direction)

COMPENSATION:  $15 per hour. Pick up your compensation.

Sitting without duct


WHAT: You will spend around 2 hours (per test) sitting at a table and working on computer – related work (e.g. emails, internet, chatting …) in an office room. You will be periodically asked several questions related to your thermal feeling.

We are looking at how people feel their working environment when considering different seasons and dressing conditions.  Our test room will created different room temperatures that represent summer and fall (spring). The temperature is mild, in the range people favors, and makes you as thermally comfortable as possible. Additionally, you will vary your dressing according to simulated seasons: Shorts and lip-flops for summer &  Trousers, normal feet-covered shoes (w/socks) for fall (spring). If my words don’t give you clear ideas of what the dressing looks like, please refer to the following figures.

At “Shorts/ Skirt” condition, the part of your leg below knee should not covered.   Leggings or socks are not allowed.

woman shorts


Flip-flops: simper, better!


While at “Trousers” condition, your legs and feet need be completed covered.


Please wear longer socks to cover your ankles. Short socks might expose you ankles when you sit in a chair.

shoes and socks

Remember,  you are encouraged to put on or take off layer clothes during the experiments to make sure they feel neither cool nor warm.  Check out here our previous experiments:

thermal lab short condition



Today, we are stepping up to design Sustainable Buildings across the country, and all over the world. But behind every successful case, inhabitants encounter potential uncomfortable feelings of coldness or warmness. As a volunteer, you can share your thermal feelings to help improve future building design. This is YOUR chance to make a change, to inspire a comfortable working space.


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